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Project Assessment Services

Program success is judged upon cost, schedule and performance factors. Unfortunately, the accuracy of the measurements of any of these factors cannot easily be guaranteed to any specific level of confidence until late in the program. In order to increase the confidence that you feel in any of these program measurables, you need to be able to answer the following questions:

  • "How good is my schedule?"
  • "How accurate are my projections of Earned Value and Cost-to-Complete?"
  • "How accurate are the estimates that have been made of the size of the engineering efforts (tasks) that comprise my program?
  • "How well has my program been specified?"
  • "How effectively is my staff reporting statuses that are used to update my program measurements?"
  • "How is my program managing the risks as they arise and threaten my program?"

Aviplex Engineering Solutions offers you an independent, unbiased assessment of the sensitivities of the measures of your success to each of these programs concerns.

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