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Avionics Simulation Services

We have over fourteen years experience developing simulations for military aircraft avionics systems.

We have experience modeling Navigation, Communication, Weapons, Stores Management, Radar, FADEC, Engine, Flight Controls, Electrical, Hydraulic, Flight Control, Interface and Data Recording systems on the UH-1N, F/A-18, V-22, T-45 and LCAC aircraft.

We have experience with the following aircraft:

  • F/A18A/B/C/D Hornet (OFT, AST, WTT)
  • T-45A Goshawk (OFT)
  • UH-1N Huey (OFT)
  • LCAC Hovercraft (OFT)
  • V-22 Osprey (OFT)

We have experience with the following aircraft systems:

  • AN/APG-65 Radar
  • AN/ARC-164 Radio
  • APX-100 IFF Transponder
  • AN/ALR-67 RWR
  • AN/APN-194 RALT
  • AN/ASN-130A inertial navigation system
  • F404-GE-402 EPE Enhanced Performance Engine
  • AN/ARN-118 Tacan
  • AN/ARC-182 UHF/VHF com
  • AN/AYK-14 digital computers
  • Litton AN/ASN-139 ring laser system
  • AIM 9 Sidewinder
  • AIM 7 Sparrow
  • AGM-64 Harpoon
  • AGM-65F Maverick
  • AN/ASQ-173 laser spot tracker/strike camera (LST/SCAM)
  • AN/AAS-38 FLIR
  • AN/AAR-50 TINS
  • AN/ASW-25 DataLink
  • MDRS
  • AGM-88 HARM

We have been qualified as Subject matter experts on MIL-STD1553 bus systems.

We have worked on Operational Flight Trainers (OFT's), Weapons Tactical Trainers (WTT's), Cockpit Procedure Trainers (CPT's), and Aircraft Systems Trainers (AST's).

We have experience with development according to MIL-STD 1644 and MIL-STD 2167.

We have programmed in a variety of languages, including Ada, Fortran, Basic, PLM-86, C, SEL-Gould Assembly and Intel Assembly.

We have programmed on a variety of platforms, including 32/97 SEL Gould, SGI, Sun, Multi-bus II, VME Bus, VersaBus and PC.

We have programmed on Intel, Unix and Solaris operating systems.

We can help you with your simulation requirements.

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