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Accounting Backend Services

Back-office accounting can be a fairly mysterious and awkward experience at the smaller travel agencies. Perturbations in the accounting department can be extremely difficult to unravel, and even more difficult to resolve in your back-office accounting application software. There are a myriad of mistakes that your front-office personnel can make that become major problems when they reach the back-office.

We have over ten years experience working with travel agency back-office accounting systems, specializing in Trams. We can train your personnel to efficiently use your back-office system. We can find and solve problems that have already become resident in your back-office system. We specialize in balancing your back-office system and training your personnel to avoid problems in the future.

We can also be instrumental in migrating your data from other back-office systems into Trams. If you are changing from ADS or WorldLedger to Trams, we have developed software to migrate your data. To date we have assisted in the successful migration of over 450 travel agencies. Let us help you with your migration.

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